Why is it better for Turkish actors to work in Turkey?

Murat Tolga Sen

Murat Tolga Sen

Well-known film critic Murat Tolga Sen expressed his opinion about some Turkish stars. He highly appreciated the role of Farah Zeynep Abdullah in the film Bergen, arguing that the audience will talk about her performance in this film years later, this is really an event.

Things are a little worse with the actors who are now working on television. Especially considering the fact that there are no TV shows on the air that anyone would remember in five years. Those who are popular now will go out into circulation pretty quickly. As an example, Can Yaman with his impressive physical abilities. Yes, now they love him in Italy, but time goes by, new handsome men are growing up and, objectively speaking, Can is a very average actor who, apart from his appearance, was not remembered by the audience. Maybe he will improve his acting skills and show himself as an actor in the following projects.

As for Can’s desire to work abroad, it is worth recalling that Meryem Uzerli also dreamed about it, now she is trying to restore her career in Turkey. Haluk Bilginer had a great career in the US and the UK, he had successful work, but he returned to Turkey and works in Turkish TV series and films, since it is Turkey that allows him to reveal his acting potential.

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