Who is Alp Navruz in love with?

Alp Navruz

Alp Navruz

As soon as the Turkish actor breaks up with his beloved, the Turkish press immediately begins to look for a suitable match for him. Alp Navruz did not escape this fate.  The actor had to give explanations to journalists about his personal life.

On Monday, Alp Navruz celebrated his 33rd birthday with friends and colleagues who were happy to congratulate one of Turkey’s most prominent young actors. A little later, Alp found time to talk to the press, talking about his personal life.

The actor dotted the i’s, saying that all the news about his love affairs after breaking up with Ayça Ayşin Turan is not true. The press probably wrote all this news because he is alone. As soon as an actor has no relationship, the journalists immediately begin to write a lot about him. However, loneliness is also good, the person can devote more time to work and to himself.

By the way, İlayda Alişan and Hazal Subasi came together to the birthday of Alp Navruz. It is noteworthy that the press attributed to both girls a relationship with the star of the series “Heartache”. As they both admitted, they are just friends with Alp and came to congratulate their friend. It seems that this time the Turkish press clearly did not guess, the actor really does not yet have a new girlfriend.

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