Has Çağatay Ulusoy become overweight?

The presenters of Gel konuşalim program, that is broadcast on TV8, discussed changes in the image of Çağatay Ulusoy. As the presenter said, Çağatay did not grow fat, his weight changes in appearance have nothing to do with the weight gain. It is not fat on the abdomen.

At the request of the management, Çağatay went to the gym and, together with his personal trainer, developed a special training program. He was literally pumped with proteins to seriously build muscle. According to rumors, the increase was 20-25 kg. However, it is pure muscle mass. That is, Thor or Terminator is hidden under baggy clothes and a big beard. These are the requirements of the role because a fantastic superhero image should be big and strong. No one will believe , who weighs 40 kilograms. The veracity of the image is created by a powerful form.

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