Beren Saat said goodbye to her husband?

Congratulations of Beren Saat to her spouse on his birthday caused considerable stir in social networks.

The actress wrote the following: “It seemed to me that I found my companion when you looked at me with your shining eyes. I woke up at night to the sound of a guitar, you sang a song. I was enchanted. We finished this song together, it became a song of our love. We healed each other’s wounds with kisses, became friends. We had fun, changed the atmosphere around with our energy. At some point you lost your innocence, and I lost my companion. Somebody thinks that love is these photos that were made by our friends, where we are hand in hand. We are constantly asked when we divorce. Nobody cares what it means to trust, to become attached, to refuse, to forgive, it does not interest anyone. Divorce is the simplest thing to do, I am not particularly attached to the marriage institution. Does it mean living in love? Growing old together and dying on one pillow? We lived together in the same bed with the guitar that your father left you, for a hundred years. The time has lost its meaning. Thank you for becoming my friend in this old-fashioned romance. Of course, you will write new songs. And I have no anger, regrets anymore, you are worthy of each of my tears. Happy Birthday! I fell in love with you!

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