Fahriye Evcen wishes her son a happy birthday

Fahriye Evcen congratulated her son on his first birthday: My Karan. Your laughter is the most wonderful sound in the world, your scent is the most wonderful smell I have ever inhaled. In your eyes the brightest light that I saw. Your face is brighter than the stars and the sun. My star. When you laugh, flowers bloom in me. When it hurts you, the spikes pierce my heart. You have become my heart. My heartÔŁĄ May you be always happy. And you should know, I will always be with you on this long journey ­čśŐ Never before has anything made the meaning that I put into these words; happy birthday son, itÔÇÖs good that you are .. ÔŁĄ Mom ­čÖé

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