Berk Oktay on the accusations of his ex-wife

After the announcement of the verdict, the ex-wife of Berk Oktay went crazy, trying to discredit the actor by any means. She went as far as claiming that he was having a love affair with a transgender person. Berk reacts calmly to his ex’s tantrums, telling reporters that everything is in order in his life: his work is excellent, and his personal life is wonderful, so he is not interested in this fuss. He won all the litigation, justice was always on his side, and if he did, he was going to continue to act only strictly within the law. The gossip girl will receive her punishment for all the fairy tales that she composes now. But he does not have the slightest desire to get on the pages of the press with such headlines, so he will not explain anything to the press. He will see them in court.

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