Why did Çağatay Ulusoy refuse the series Trial / Yargı?

The Turkish media suddenly recalled that first producer Kerem Çatay of Ay Yapım company proposed the script for the series “Competition” (which later changed its name to “Trial / Yargı”) to Çağatay Ulusoy. The actor considered the script to be successful, but only agreed to one season. As a result, the cooperation did not take place.

Recall that for Çağatay, the requirement of one season has already become standard and does not cause much surprise. At the same time, journalists are wondering whether it is right to squeeze every last drop out of successful work and whether the second season of a wonderful story will not turn out to be story is made of cardboard, as is often the case. Simply put, maybe Çağatay is still right, and it is not worth stalling?

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