The wedding of Berk Oktay and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy

Great news for the fans of Berk Oktay and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy. One of the most spectacular couples in Turkish show business has officially married. The ceremony was attended by friends and colleagues of the newlyweds.

On September 9-10, Berk Oktay and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy finally became husband and wife. The couple, who began their relationship while filming the TV show ‘The Warrior,’ went through a tough time following Berk’s controversial divorce. Recall that his ex-wife staged a real vendetta, and she was even prosecuted for distributing photos of her ex-husband.

Finally, the bad days were left behind and the lovers united. The official registration of the marriage took place on September 9, and on September 10 a celebration was arranged for the couple’s many friends. became the toastmaster at the wedding, diligently portraying the wedding registrar. It is curious that in the TV series “Time Goes By” Salih played the husband of the Yıldız’s character.

The wedding was attended by Turkish stars, with whom Berk and Yıldız worked on the set of the series and remained on friendly terms including the team of the show “The Ottoman”, in which the happy bride is now staring. Burak Özçivit came to personally congratulate his co-star, also confirming to reporters that he and his wife are expecting their second son. Hazal Kaya, who is a close friend of the bride, said she was expecting a girl.  Ayça Bingol, Ozge Torer, Birce Akalay, Aytaç Şaşmaz, Cemre Baysel, Ismail Ege Şaşmaz and many others were also present at the wedding.

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