The author of The Protector revealed the secrets of the plot

N. İpek Gökdel

N. İpek Gökdel

In his new interview with Hürriyet, the author of the “Karakalem ve Bir Delikanlının Tuhaf Hikayesi,” N. İpek Gökdel admitted that she has not yet decided to watch the TV series , based on her book. She did not take part in the writing of the script and does not know how exactly they changed the characters she created. She supports the series, but she is a fan of her book. By the way, she did not earn millions by selling the rights to . She said that the numbers are obviously exaggerated. Initially, she had the idea of filming a novel on Turkish television, but the TV channels were not ready to use fantastic material. Only decided to experiment with Turkish fiction.

How actively the new screenwriters will use the second part of Karakalem to write the script for the third and fourth part of The Protector, she does not know, but still reveals some features of the plot. From now on, the hero of the book (by the way, his name is not Hakan, but Yavuz) is the protector not only of Istanbul but of the entire Middle East. But in this battle, he is alone – neither his friends nor his beloved do not believe him. The action of the book is transferred to Antakya, then Jerusalem and the deserts of Egypt.

There is also a hint about how the love story of the main character will end. Every love has two older brothers – it is death and grief. And they are inseparable. Love and suffering, love and separation, love and death are inseparable.

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The main character will also have new superpowers. He will become a “thief of memory”, having acquired the opportunity to remove from the memory of a person what he needs to forget. A very handy thing for any superhero, isn’t it?

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