Kerem and Serenay put an end to the rumors

Serenay Sarikaya and Kerem Bürsin

Serenay Sarikaya and

After four years of relationship, Serenay Sarikaya and Kerem Bürsin decided to break up. Of course, in the Turkish media almost every day there is information about the reasons for the separation of one of the brightest couples of Turkish show business. Some media even claimed that the couple had a contract and it came to an end. It is also rumored that Kerem found a new love in America, where he stayed for six months. 

However, the most popular version, which is most likely close to the truth is that the relationship stopped developing. The beautiful thing they had faded very suddenly. Serenay is determined pursuing a career, while Kerem needs a woman ready to become the mother of his children. The actor has repeatedly stated that he wants to marry and have a real family, and even according to rumors, made a proposal to his beloved, which ended in a complete fiasco.

Of course, as is always the case in such cases, the tabloids have already begun to look for a suitable pair for Serenay, hinting that the girl has started an affair with a certain rich businessman who is close to football. In the end, Serenay lost her patience and made a statement on Instagram, in which she literally wrote the following: “When I wake up every morning, I read all the new scenarios of my life. I read news and comments to them. I feel lack of respect for me. The reason for break up is not always in someone else. Please show respect. ”

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In his turn Kerem Bürsin decided to support the former beloved, leaving a post on Instagram: “While we are there, please show us respect. All the news that is published is false. With respect and love.”

Thus, it became clear that Kerem and Serenay parted quite friendly and do not harbor resentment against each other. Just love has gone.

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