Are Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış and Can Yaman social media victims?

Bay Yanlış

Bay Yanlış

The series Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış and its star Can Yaman has been subjected to real social media harassment in Turkey. What happened and what happens to the show?

Foreign fans of Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel are looking forward to the premiere of a new series of their favorite stars, which is scheduled for June 26. However, Turkish viewers are more cautious about Mr Wrong. According to the Turkish press, picky viewers did not like the promotion of the series. The promo on the official YouTube account of Fox TV  had 34,000 likes and 35,000 dislikes, a very rare case. However, foreign fans of Can Yaman immediately stepped in and tried to remedy the situation. Now the number of likes and dislikes is equal: 38 thousand. However, the number of unpleasant comments on the video is constantly increasing. What is this harassment about?

There are two reasons. The first is related to the series itself. One highly influential video blogger, Murat Soner, drew attention to the poor quality of summer comedy series in Turkey, taking Mr Wrong as an example. He accuses the project’s creators of reproducing serial cliché and points out that as long as this low-grade product is in demand, it will continue to be filmed. Since the release of the video criticizing the show, there has been a sharp increase in the number of dislikes.

The second reason is the lead actor Can Yaman. Producer Faruk Turgut took a big risk when he brought an actor into the project after a series of failed utterances. Despite the fact that Turkish viewers had more pressing problems during this time, the audience did not forget and did not seem to forgive his statements about partners’ libido and his criticism of the more famous and beloved actors in Turkey.

However, as always, everything will be decided not by fuss on social networks, but by the real number of viewers of the series, that is, those notorious ratings. If viewers are interested in the project, then bad PR will not harm the show, but on the contrary will help it. However, if the series fails, then the whole burden of responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Can Yaman.


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