Legendary star in the TV series ‘Source of Life’



Preparations are underway for the new OGM Pictures series “Source of Life”, which will be released on Star TV. As it became known, one of the legends of Turkish cinema may appear in the series.

Producer Onur Güvenatam treats the older generation of Turkish actors with great reverence, often inviting them to his projects. After Çetin Tekindor, who is starring in the TV show “Golden Boy” this season, the owner of OGM Pictures invited the legendary actress Hümeyra to join the cast of the series “Source of Life”, which will be released on Star TV. The screenwriter is Nuran Evren Şit. Directed by Hilal Saral.

After an agreement with Star TV channel, Onur Güvenatam aired the series ‘Golden Boy’, which now leads the Turkish ratings. The new TV show, set to premiere next winter, will tell the story of a 100-year-old man who continues to look like he’s still 30. Starring Birkan Sokullu and Hilal Altınbilek. Hümeyra can play the role of a character named Neriman. Now the actress is assessing the offer. 

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